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then and now.

Traditional sports drinks have clung to high sodium/low potassium formulas for over 50 years.  Meanwhile, the modern athlete has an evolved understanding of what their body needs to fuel success.

Our diets have changed and our performance needs have changed. IXL was developed specifically to address those changes.

Potassium powered. Sodium free.

Unlike traditional sports drinks, our ingredient technology addresses the critical imbalance of sodium and potassium in the body, which is vital to optimum performance.

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Intelligent design for the informed athlete.

Our proprietary Advanced Performance Matrix is a complex blend of electrolytes, minerals, and amino acids designed to maximize delivery speed and absorption.


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Better hydration, faster.

IXL is designed with speed in mind. Our Advanced Performance Matrix utilizes amino-acid-bound electrolytes and minerals to rapidly replenish and rehydrate.  How fast? Just ask our fans—or better yet, try it yourself!


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Innovative formula to reduce fatigue and muscle cramps.

Our unique formula provides the optimum balance to your cells and muscles. There’s no better way to restore cellular balance, fight fatigue, and combat muscle cramps.


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IXL hydrates FAST using amino acids combined with a complex matrix of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Try it once, and it’ll be hard to go back.

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Success stories

I've been using your new collagen product for about a month now and I wanted to tell you that I feel better, it's helping my knees and my hair is really growing.

- Karen M.

The new hydration packets are absolutely awesome.  The taste is superior to any I've tried, Liquid IV is the closest taste wise to being like y'alls.

- Trevor Keiboom, Certified MLB Agent

I am loving what this product has done for my health, let me elaborate, my potassium level has been low due to my blood pressure medication, but not anymore,  not since I've started using this product.  I have had countless other electrolyte drinks but I have noticed that lXL gets in my system fast and I'm able to move, in other words I have energy. I do have to say the ready made drinks work faster , can't say why but THANKS for this drink and please KEEP THEM COMING.

- Eeangelia W.

I have been drinking IXL for many years now! I will not drink anything else after my workouts and any other activities I do. I also take it with me when I know I won’t have water for periods of time like when I go out of the country on site visits. IXL hydrates my body so I can have the endurance to keep going without having craps or feeling exhausted. I highly recommend this product to everyone in their daily activities. With summer coming soon, staying hydrated is very important! BTW, I love the taste of the new packets!

Keep them coming!

- Ron Keith, Arbor Masters

No better time for immunity boosters as we head into flu season!  And the best part...they are so easy and taste SO good!

- Taylor L.

All of our athletes and patients love IXL™, from the professional athletes to the young kids.  Most people prefer the taste to Gatorade and Powerade, and IXL™ is sodium free, lower in calories and contains essential electrolytes and minerals that athletes need and want. I think IXL™ is far superior than the other "Ades" from taste to performance.

- Travis Neff, Certified Athletic Trainer, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Founder of Boost Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

I found this drink in Odessa, Texas at Sams Club. My son has to receive plasma every other week and the thing that helps him get thru the side effects is IXL!!... He just had another all day infusion yesterday and IXL cuts his side effects from 4 days to 1 1/2 - 2 days !! Huge difference. He's been getting these infusions for 7 years now. We've tried so many things... Gatorade, Propel, Smart Water etc. but nothing works except IXL...



- Lisa C.

I have been extremely impressed with iXL. As an athlete and coach I love the fact there is a no sodium/ low sugar option when picking a rehydration drink. It tastes great and gives you what you need to keep training and playing hard.

- Mark Simoneau – Former NFL Player, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

The performance I get from drinking IXL is nothing short of incredible. I bass fish competitively every weekend from the beginning of March until the end of October. Standing for hours on end on the front of a bass boat swaying with the waves takes a toll on my legs. IXL is indispensable in preventing leg cramps at night after a long day on the water. A lot of my fishing buddies are also using IXL and absolutely love it.

- Steven Taylor, Taylors Fishing Service, Kentucky Bass Federation State Champion and 4x Angler of the Year

Great product that really does provide what it promises - high Potassium, no salt, great flavors.'s very reasonably priced. Really does help with leg cramps and fatigue. Super product and super company all the way around.

- Brent G.

Husband loves them and they help out so much. He works in a hot warehouse all day then comes home and works out for an hour so we needed some sort of drink to keep him hydrated. This is the healthiest we have found and love that it is based right in the next town.

- Niki F.

As a mother of two teenage boys, their health is very important to me. iXL is a very tasty, light drink that isn't filled with salt or excess sugar, like many others. We are so glad to have found this fantastic drink that is produced right in the heartland of the USA!

- Mary C.

I love this drink! Saw it on my friends page, and very well priced at that! I work in a warehouse with 3 big machines running all the time (it gets insanely hot) and this stuff works wonders for me! Will definitely be buying more of this

- Patric L.

I am a recumbent cyclist and like this product very much. This is the only product I have found with potassium 400 MG to be exact. Give up the sugary drinks pretending to be a sports drink and pick up a case today!

- Scott N.

They're only 90 cal a bottle with tons more potassium and electrolytes than your typical sports drinks. They have helped regulate my heart and combat my fatigue. I will never do without these drinks! Always keep plenty around for me and my family. Potassium deficiency is common in America, Especially in elderly people. Wish I'd had these drinks for my mother when she was still alive. Awesome product!

- Aleesa E.