About IXL.


Our Story.

Backed by science and fueled by nutrition, IXL was born.

We knew introducing a new sports drink to a saturated market would challenge the status quo. So instead of shying away, we leaned in.

IXL came to life because we saw the world around us changing, and sports drink formulas staying the same. We believe constant innovation is the key to success and are always looking for new ways to help our customers feel better and perform their best.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to innovate the health and wellness industry and help millions of people across the globe. 

Our History.

WORKOUT Brands has evolved from a traditional beverage start-up to an international beverage and ingredient technology company.

From our suburban Kansas City headquarters in Kearney, MO a small group of entrepreneurs, scientists, and sports performance specialists began to work together to develop innovative beverage and ingredient technology brands IXL™ Electrolytes + Amino Acids, WORKOUT™coffee, WORKOUT™tea, and TheaFit™.


Entrepreneurial spirit, perseverance, innovation, and boundary-less thinking provide opportunities for us to help our customers reach their fitness goals and maintain healthy lifestyles. Since the launch of  IXL Electrolytes + Amino Acids in 2011, the brand has developed a loyal and passionate consumer following who truly love our product.



The Goal

Set yourself up for success.

IXL hydrates fast, combats fatigue and muscle cramps, and quenches thirst like no other through our sodium-free Advanced Performance Matrix (APM).

Unlike traditional sports drinks, IXL incorporates a unique blend of electrolytes and amino acids all designed for rapid delivery and absorption. APM features six times the potassium as the primary electrolyte while efficiently utilizing the abundance of sodium already in your body resulting in optimum balance.

IXL is clearly the informed choice for the athlete in everyone.

Our goal is to innovate the health and wellness industry.

Thanks to our passionate and loyal fans, and millions of bottles sold, WORKOUT™ Brands evolved

into an international beverage and ingredient technology company that is innovating the health and wellness industry. In short, we develop better products that help people. Not just to sell, but to educate—and of course, hydrate.

Shout Out

Thanks to our passionate and loyal fans for millions of bottles sold.

Try it once and it’ll be hard to go back.

IXL hydrates FAST using amino acids combined with a complex matrix of electrolytes, vitamins and minerals.


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